Using Social Media To Build Professional Skills

Using Social Media To Build Professional Skills

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Social media can be used to build professional skills. It’s not just for entertainment & when you think about, getting in touch with all things social media can benefit you. Attaining professional skills through methods of social media are needed in a world where the internet is frequently used.

          One of the ways social media can help you is simply being a good listener. “The best social media pros listen the most actively and most aggressively” taken from 6 Skills You Need To Be A Social Media Professional by Jay Baer [] (seen on 8/9/16) Another way social media can help you are the different types of writing you learn about. Through news articles, blogs, etc you begin to grasp different styles of writing that can be used outside of social media. Then there’s relationship building. They say it’s easier to build a relationship on the internet and nowadays that’s very true. However these methods of creating new relationships can be utilized for actual jobs.  It all starts with introducing yourself and being confident in your skills while showcasing how open you are to starting new relationships amongst your co-workers. These are just a few simple ways to help build professional skills with the assistance of social media.

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