Powerful Local SEO Boosted Revenue by 200%

SEO Case Study: 

Service Category:
Local SEO, Regional Search Engine Optimization

Client Business:
Financial Services, Jewelry

Business Challenge:
Client wanted to be visible in a crowded competitive market

Rsquare Media employed a 360 degree holistic approach to online visibility by synchronizing Social Media, Content Creation, On-Page SEO, Off-page SEO with the Business Need. We created a lot of video content which we uploaded to the client’s YouTube channel that we designed.

The Result:
We delivered Google Page 1 ranking for 85% of the client’s most competitive target keywords in under 3 months. We also achieved YouTube Page 1 results for ALL the Target Keywords.

The Hyper SEO work  increased phone inquiries and on-site visits/store walk-ins by 300%. Topline revenue was increased by 200%.

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