Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Need to Delete Bad Press or Fake News from Google?

Yes, you read that right! Delete anything you want Gone!

We DELETE anything you want removed from Google that may be linked to your personal name, relative’s name or business name.

To be clear, when we delete anything, its GONE! HISTORY! BYE BYE!

Most agencies may tell you, you can only BURY bad press on page 5 and beyond. That takes a lot of time and is expensive.

Why Bury when you Bazooka!

We offer a full refund for any links not deleted in our forecasted time frame, no questions asked.

What IS Reputation Management and Why should you care?

How Long Does Deleting Bad Press Take?

There isn’t a number that can be quoted since the delivery is driven by 3 factors:

Quantity – The amount of negative press on Google page 1 for a specific keyword or search phrase


– The age of the negative press. Negative press stories which are days

or weeks old would take a lot longer to be removed that stories which

are months and years old.


– The source of the negative press also plays a key role in the

delivery timeframe. Stories that originate from Government bodies like

Courts, Customs, IRS,  SEC, FBI, etc. would take a longer time to be

removed from Google page 1 compared to stories originating from Media

outlets like TV, Press, Online Publications or Joe Schmo’s Blog.

How Much Does it Cost?

Price Usually Begins at ~$2000 Per Link. Depending on Source of Link, the price could be greater than $2000 as well

Payment Terms? Full Payment Upfront

Can We Help You?


Will We Take You On As A Client? 

That Depends.

Because of the popularity of our service, we are very picky of the clients we choose to work with. We usually work with clients who are:


Decisive – Who can take decisions quickly

High Integrity – Who Stick to Commitments made and don’t backpedal

Who has not ever endangered the welfare of children