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Reputation management is the practice in which brands shape the perception that others have of them through their online presence. This involves anything on the internet that relates to the brand, including social media, search engine results from Google and Bing and review  platforms like Yelp, YouTube, Google my business, Amazon, and Facebook.  In fact, there are about 99,000 searches on Google each second as of 2022 (source: Oberlo). What you or your brands online prescence looks like online is extremely important in obtaining clients and customers. We are in the economy where perception is reality. So essentially, people form opinions based on what they see when they search for something online. When making any kind of decision, whether that be when making a purchase, deciding whether to meet with someone for a business related matter, or even when deciding about going on a date with someone, the first thing a person usually does is look online. As of 2022, more consumers than ever are reading reviews online, according to a study done by Bright Local. Around 77% of consumers reported that they regularly read reviews, and 81% of consumers use Google to evaluate if they will support a business. Reviews are so important to a potential customer, especially positive reviews. 75% of consumers will be more likely to do business with a company if there are reviews that detail positive experiences, and 58% of people said they would feel positively about a company if there were many high star ratings.

 Most people are averse to pain and risk and tend to do whatever it takes to mitigate risk and pain, along with any damage they may experience from any choice they make. Especially now, in the post-pandemic world that we are now beginning to move into, a person’s or a brand, online presence has never been more critical. Since the pandemic, people have begun to rely on the internet to meet and interact with people, and now many people prefer using the internet when making these decisions. According to research done by the social cast, 85% of customers do research before making a purchase decision online do online research before making a purchase decision online. Additionally, 68% of customers expect a minimum of a four-star rating even to consider a business worthy of their purchase decision or consideration People also tend to make quick judgements based on what they see or perceive on sites like Google. Therefore, it has never been more vital for brands to be not just reactive but proactive and even preemptive when it comes to managing their brands online presence, which includes their brand persona, their brand voice, and their reputation online. 

Currently, we are living in the review economy, the reputation economy. This makes it tough on sites like Amazon and eBay, where sellers care deeply for the reviews they receive, and will go above and beyond to reverse a one-star judgment. On Amazon, 91% of shoppers read reviews on a product they are considering buying, and 94% of customers have said that even one negative review can prevent them from buying the product. In fact, 31% of people are willing to spend more money on the product if the reviews are better, even if there is just one negative review on the cheaper product. Additionally, having negative reviews can put your product further down in the search results, making it so less people even see your product. However, since that gets spelled from a death toll or a death bell for their business, they cannot risk people thinking their store is worthy of consideration. While it may not be possible to make everyone happy all the time, retailers and business owners do their best in trying to be reasonable and accommodating with customers as possible. Make that known in their responses to complaints or comments on review sites. In this way, the onlooker has some form of context as to whether the person posting their reviews was accurate. 

Data actually suggests that 50% of reviews posted online are made in the case of mistaken identity in regards to the business a customer is reviewing. Let’s say a person has a bad experience with a business and goes online to post a review detailing their disappointment and what went wrong. However, instead of writing that review to the correct business, it was written to a different one, because that was the first business that came up when they searched for it online. Even after realizing the mistake, the person does not move to delete the review, and forgets about it, not considering the damage they may have done to the business who received the low rating for no fault of their own. According to research done by Bright Local, 79% of people trust online reviews and 92% of people are less likely to support a business with bad reviews. In fact, just one bad review can be enough to kill or severely damage a business, as studies have also shown that one review equals a 10% loss in new customers. That could lead to a loss of $3,000 up to $15,000 for the business. So having even just one bad review, especially one that was not intended for your brand, can negatively affect your business. 

Bad Reviews Are Fake Half the Time

For the longest time, there has been a strong correlation between a buying decision and the online presence on Google that is presented explicitly on page one of Google. Anything on page one of Google has the highest chance of being seen and is probably considered in the customer’s mind wherever they are in the decision process. So if you Google yourself and see something that alarms you, you must fix it before it can do some real damage. 



Our service called Bazooka deletes bad press, bad reviews, and misinformation off of Google. 

An instance where Bazooka came in handy was when a customer reached out a few months ago stating that she lost out on a high six-figure job offer because the company making the offer thought she was a criminal. When they Googled her they saw was a person with a criminal background that looked like her, who had the same first name, but a different last name. Here you can see how a case of mistaken identity cost the client dearly with the retracted job offer from her dream company. However, after this she was eager to get this problem resolved and  took action by contacting us. We gave her a quote, she paid us immediately, and we got to work. We offered her a standard estimation and we provided her with the standard for 60 to 90 days of care delivery. We received the result around 25 days after. We deleted the links on Google, thus resolving any issues or confusion people may have had when they Googled her. She was able to bring this to the company’s attention, and they were more than happy to reverse their decision and hire her.

We have even had cases in which an actress’s ex-boyfriend has, out of spite, posted lies about them online to ruin their chances of getting roles or gaining success. In fact, a South African Model came to us with a similar situation, his ex and other haters had posted lies and harmful things about him online. We were able to delete these lies off of the internet, as well as assisting the client previously mentioned with Bazooka. Deleting any link is entirely risk-free and comes with a success guarantee, so if you aren’t satisfied with the results, we give you your money back.


We also have a service that prevents future bad press or misinformation from appearing on Google, called ForceField. 

This service is used by people and brands who strongly care about how their stakeholders think and feel about them. This includes high net worth individuals who are in the public eye like celebrities, politicians, public figures, and people who have achieved some level of fame and notoriety. Since they rely on that fame to be able to continue to do business and be successful, Forcefield is perfect for preventing anything that may ruin their reputation from being visible on Google. How it works is, when the danger emerges in the future, it will get deflected by the strategy laid out and implemented. The result is that the misinformation, whether in the form of a social media post or a piece of bad press or anything like that, will not land on Google page one but will land on Google page three or four where less than 0.5% of people go. We also produce a lot of high quality content like blog articles, social media posts, thought leadership articles for platforms like medium and LinkedIn, infographics, and animated videos to establish our clients as a domain authority in their desired industry vertical.


We have a third service, called Relocation. Relocation moves offensive links from page 1 and 2 of Google to pages 4, 5, and beyond- where less than 0.2% of online audiences go. This way, we are both creating favorable content so it appears on  page 1 and 2 on Google while also pushing down unfavorable content so it appears on page 4 or 5 on Google- well out of sight of most people online. 

We also produce a lot of high quality content like blog articles, social media posts, thought leadership articles for platforms like medium and Linkedin, infographics, and animated videos to establish our clients as a domain authority in their desired industry vertical.

Thought Leadership

Reputation Management is about Thought Leadership and elevating one’s profile and visibility on relevant platforms as a way to appear more credible to their industry peers, prospective customers and existing customers. This allows one to enjoy a Subject Matter Expert status on LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Medium or any other platform. This can then enable the professional to charge premium fees or rates, while also attracting larger and larger clients. Usually we find ourselves chasing businesses, but with an enhanced Reputation of being a Domain Authority or Subject Matter Expert, now customers will chase you. Thus giving you the power to select who you choose to work with. Domain Authority status also leads to opportunities to attend speaking engagements at conferences, summits and TV appearances – which in turn generates more business – which are hugely beneficial to your business.

People sometimes ask about why the services are so costly. The reason is that it is a laborious manual process that leverages a high level of negotiation across a variety of parties, including Google. The fee covers the manners it takes to achieve the outcome across the various talks and the amount of hours that it takes to achieve the desired result. Nevertheless, many of our clients are highly satisfied when working with Rsquare Media. For example, many male and female clients felt highly acclaimed that a professional and strategic master planner named Rajiv Jadhav in the particular interest of business management, planning, and administration through the most enduring effort of assignments and motivation strategized as a working culture. The working culture of Rsquare Media contains an order of results from all communications through video posts as a valuable resource. Rajiv always has the right attitude to do anything while working with Rsquare Media. He has the proper manners of professionalism and reliability. Therefore, it is best to take his support and then take on the newest challenges throughout Rsquare Media. When considering if you want to use any of our services, rather than thinking “I can’t afford this.” think “I can’t afford NOT to do this” given the exponential impact that a bad impression can have on your image or your businesses image.

Rsquare Media supports businesses and improves their online visibility so that our customers can search them at an instant on most known search engines and throughout social media. RSquareMedia delivers top Search Engine Ranking so that clients’ business listings showed with their highest competitors in the most appropriate search phrases. In addition, our CEO Services incorporate the following methods for your keywords.

Hearing about different websites is based on your website’s keywords to make sure it is search-based and search engine optimized. Social Media Audit & Social Media Plan gets compared to your most immediate contenders. Develop a Social Media Plan to Support your Search Process. First, we research the best high-quality results with higher search volume per month for your company. Next, we Study the Content you have on your website and Online Properties to consider it high quality and Search-rich. Then, prepare a powerful Content and Search strategy to deliver your desired Search Objectives. Your results will get provided at the speed of thought.

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