rsquare media is a New York based Online Reputation Management services company who helps clients Be Seen or Not Be Seen, depending on what they want.  Services include removing negative press from Google page 1 (reputation defender, google content removal) Call 646.249.3561

What IS Reputation Management and why you should care?

What does it take to attain Stellar Online Reputation today?

Online Reputation Hygiene (the basics):

  1. Website: Google Friendly professionally designed website
  2. Social: Presence on relevant social media basis target audience
  3. Content: Compelling original content for web, search & social
  4. Online Visibility: Aggressive omni-channel visibility basis customer journey online


Affordable reputation management services nyc
rsquare media removes negative press from Google page 1. Call 646.249.3561 for a Free Quote

A flawless reputation is enabled by the following 4 pillars. Call 646.249.3561 for a Free Quote

Here’s how the process works:

Step 1: Situation Analysis – to assess the level of negative press and what keywords they’re linked to. Basis this, we are able to recommend a custom solution with a level of intensity basis the client’s budget and urgency

Step 2: Achieving the Outcome – this is the first milestone in the service delivery. We remove all the negative press from Google page 1 basis the agreed upon scope of work

Step 3: Maintaining the Outcome – while optional, this is highly recommended. We continue our work for the next 3-4 months to allow for the outcome to last for as long as possible once the work is stopped.  We cannot gaurantee the length of time the outcome will last after the maintainance work stops  since the google algorithm changes every 3 months.

Clients always ask – How long does the process usually take?


There isn’t a number that can be quoted since the delivery is driven by 3 factors:

  1. Quantity – The amount of negative press on Google page 1 for a specific keyword or search phrase
  2. Recency – The age of the negative press. Negative press stories which are days or weeks old would take a lot longer to be removed that stories which are months and years old.
  3. Source – The source of the negative press also plays a key role in delivery timeframe. Stories which originate from Government bodies like Courts, Customs, IRS, etc. would take a longer time to be removed from Google page 1 compared to stories originating from Media outlets like TV, Press, Online Publications. 

Online Reputation management is deep and broad science-art hybrid which encompasses several disciplines. The pursuit of a Flawless Reputation is tha business’s best strategy for sustained growth and profitability  in today’s dynamic and fluid marketplace. Call 646.249.3561 to get started

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