Reputation Repair Demystified!

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This is perhaps our most asked question – How do you do it? What’s your secret sauce?

Before we get to that, a few Mythbusters –

  2. This is not Black Hat Work or Dark Web Work
  3. This isn’t grey hat either
  4. This is 100% White Hat – fully compliant with Google’s T&C
  5. Yes, links CAN be deleted links from Google (and we don’t mean pushed down or buried)
  6. No, this isn’t The Right To Be Forgotten 
  7. Yes, once the Link is deleted, it’s Gone for Good! Yes, the Result IS Permanent! 

Watch the entertaining Interview with our CEO – Rajiv Jadhav on the Fanglecast Podcast.

How Do We Delete Links from Google?

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DISCLAIMER: Our Service is designed to help Organizations and Individuals salvage their online reputation after receiving bad press and bad reviews from haters and unfair press coverage. This service is NOT for allowing bad actors to ‘get away with it’.

Ok, so How Do You Delete Bad Press & Bad Reviews from Google?

1. We Ask Google to remove certain links from the search result for certain search phrased (keywords)

2. We Ask Publishers to do certain things so that the story does not show up on Google

Between the 2 efforts, the desired outcome is achieved and the client can go on with their life. The process typically takes 60-90 days, sometimes longer, sometimes quicker.


What are the kind of things you’ve deleted for clients?

  1. Personal Information like age, address, income information, etc.
  2. Profiles of doppelgangers (people who look like you or share a similar name) who may be criminals 
  3. Mudslinging during a heated Divorce
  4. Arrest records from
  5. Scam Reports from or
  6. Social Media Bad Behaviour
  7. News stories on indiscretions from the past like Bankruptcy, Arrest Records, Affairs, Scandals, Litigation and court records