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SEO Case Study

Service Category: SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Client Industry: Healthcare, Health & Wellness  

Business Challenge: The client wanted to be easily found by customers of plastic surgery looking for botox, dermal fillers, breast reconstruction, Breast Reduction, Breast Enhancement, Boob Job, finger surgery and other in-patient and out-patient procedures on Long Island, New York. The client wanted to attract high-end clientele in a crowded and competitive plastic surgery market. 

Client Pain Points:

  • Competition: Highly crowded and competitive market 
  • No ROI: High recurring monthly charges with no monthly support & bad customer service from earlier marketing company
  • Service: No strategic support offered, couldn’t deliver desired results

Solution: After understanding the Business Need the rsquare media team prepared our Holistic Audit which walked the client through all the gaps in his digital footprint as well as outlined all the opportunities to reach Google page 1 quickly – by using location-based long-tail keywords, as well as keywords with high search volume and low competition levels.

The Rsquare Media team also created a lot of video content which we published to his newly designed YouTube Channel. We created and optimized the client’s Google My Business Page as well as Facebook Business Page. Our Solution encompassed On-Page Optimization, Off-page Optimization, Original Content Creation, Video Production, Social Media Marketing and other traditional SEO tasks/processes.  

Results: Dominating Google like how Starbucks dominates Street Visibility – they’re seen Everywhere!

  • The client is #1 on Google page 1 for a few of the target keywords
  • The client dominated ALL of Google Page 1 for most of the target keywords
  • The client’s Website was #1 on Google page 1 for all the target keywords
  • The client was in the top 3 links of Google page 1 for some of the more competitive keywords
  • This result was achieved within 3 months of the rsquare team working on his business
  • The Hyper Visibility increased phone inquiries by 45% within 3 months
  • The client was also able to grow his botox & dermal filler practice by 65% within 4 months 

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