Your Google Reputation


Search engine optimization or SEO is the method of improving the search results of a website on Google as a way to be seen better & become more relevant. So naturally the idea behind SEO can benefit a business & allow it to grow. In order to thrive in this day & age, businesses must now go digital in order to bring in more customers. Through SEO it’s become a priority to be seen in a crowd of search results relating to your business. SEO revolves around specific steps taken to make businesses known. You usually do this by creating a website and filling it up with original content. The content itself can range from videos, blog posts, info on said business, etc. Being connected to social media is another plus. By doing this you’re putting your name out there. Sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter are all examples of sites that can used to help give a business a much better online presence. There’s also the use of specific keywords when posting content connected to the business in question. The bottom line is that SEO can help a business grow & thrive online but also help customers find you better when being searched for on Google.

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