Product Launch Case Study: Naruto

Anime began in the 1960s and rapidly became a global phenomenon, making anime an important part of pop-culture. However, only a few anime series have captured the hearts and minds of audiences around the world, and the Naruto franchise is one of them. The creator, Masashi Kishimoto, imaginative genius created this epic tale of ninja … Read more

Navigating the Product Launch Chaos of Poor Game Launches

From the arcades in the 1980s to the digital gaming platforms of the modern day, video games have become a significant fragment of the entertainment industry. Approximately 65% of Americans play video games (which is equal to 212.6 million individuals), in addition to 2023 game sales increasing to $57.2 billion from 2022, according to the … Read more

RSquare Media helps brick’n’mortar businesses get online with affordable website design services

For businesses in this day and age, their websites are their first impression on potential customers. A website must be able to represent a company within seconds of people viewing it. Rsquare Mediaprovides excellent website design services with every website made by the company being responsive and device agnostic, giving their client an edge. Rsquare Media focuses on … Read more