Have Your Social Media Stand out Using These Five Photo/Video Apps

Nowadays, you have to up your game on Instagram. Beautiful, eye-catching photos and videos are constantly taking up the space on your newsfeed, and who doesn’t like it when their profile grid is spectacularly on point? The little squares that showcase what you like and who you love should be high-quality – no one wants … Read more

Work Smarter, Not Harder – Five Great Productivity Apps to Use Today

We’ve all been there – struggling to make it through a homework assignment, counting down the minutes until the end of the work day, or finding several tasks to complain about all the time. We cross one item off the list and can immediately find three more tasks to replace it. Having a huge list … Read more

A 360 degree view on marketing – Virtual Reality (VR)

Utilizing spherical cameras, companies are creating interactive 360 videos and immersive experiences akin to virtual reality to market their products and services. More and more companies are providing their consumers with a complete immersive experience of their products—literally. Filmed with an omnidirectional or multiple cameras, 360 degree videos are recordings that record views in all directions … Read more