Navigating the Product Launch Chaos of Poor Game Launches

From the arcades in the 1980s to the digital gaming platforms of the modern day, video games have become a significant fragment of the entertainment industry. Approximately 65% of Americans play video games (which is equal to 212.6 million individuals), in addition to 2023 game sales increasing to $57.2 billion from 2022, according to the … Read more

Product Launch & Storytelling: Super Bowl TV Commercials

Rsquare Media - Super Bowl Commercials - Product Launch

Each year, enthusiasts of American football eagerly anticipate a cultural phenomenon: the Super Bowl. Held annually on the second Sunday of February since 2022, this event marks the culmination of the football season, which kicks off in September following the NFL preseason. The Super Bowl is often dissected through three primary lenses: the triumph claimed … Read more

Product Launch in the Donald Trump MAGA Campaign

Former President Donald Trump giving a look of unknown emotion, Media Innovation in Donald Trump's Campaigns: A Strategic Overview

  Across all forms of media, the Trump campaign spent $426,263,134 on ad spending for the 2020 election, according to Research Centre. At the 2020 Republican Convention, Trump’s speech lasted 70.1 minutes, way more than any other republican candidate that year, as reported by The New York Times. And despite Hillary Clinton having 48% of … Read more