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Online Reputation Management Case Study: 

Service Category:
Reputation Management, Impression Management, Website Design 

Client Business:
Fabric, Vinyl and Leather Paint

Business Challenge:
The client was unhappy with the website design of her eCommerce website which her earlier freelance offshore developer dropped the ball on, ceased communication, and abandoned. The website was ugly to look at with multiple errors in the site navigation, page design, product listing, etc. which was negatively impacting Time Spent on the website and consequently website sales. The website was not mobile-friendly and was hurting the client’s reputation in the market among existing customers and prospects.

After understanding the Business Need the rsquare media team quickly developed a wireframe and website mockup which the client quickly approved, after which we immediately started work and were able to deliver a completely redesigned eCommerce website in under 3 days by working overtime and by prioritizing the project over existing projects – since this was an emergency – which we are sensitive to and take very seriously – as if it was our emergency. Needless to say, the client was ecstatic and amazed that we Delivered Results at the Speed of Thought – just like we are known for.

All of this was completed within 24 hours days thanks to the client’s cooperation and support which included swift approvals and swift responses to our email and text communication. 

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