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How we do Online Reputation Management

Our Approach to Exceeding Your
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Client Fills out
Onboarding Questionnaire


Link Summary







1. Onboarding Questionnaire gives us insight into the client’s reputation objectives & details of where they are seeking assistance
2. We share a summary of links for client to approve for Deletion
3. After client approval we deliver a quote for client to approve
4. After receiving Full Payment upfront, work begins
5. We track progress via our Online Tracker which is updated in realtime by the hour – which the client has access to at all times from Day 1.


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers


It varies and is case-by-case. That being said, we’re able to get most links removed in 105 business days.


If you chose the Bazooka service, then, that comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee – for all links not removed within our forecasted period. If you gave us 10 links to remove, which we said, we’d get removed in 120 days, and, on the 121st day two links are still not removed, then, you have the option of asking for a refund for those 2 links – which we are happy to do, since we’re committed to the highest standards of integrity


Not Possible since we use a proprietary process. We will not share our process with anyone since it’s a closely guarded trade secret.


Our clients range from CEOs, Politicians, Celebrities, Business Owners as well as Professionals from all over the world, as well as the attorneys (lawyers) who represent them – divorce attorneys, general counsel, criminal defense attorneys, litigation attorneys.


Our fee is guided by Level of Complexity, not by who the client is. The celebrity and Joe Schmoe from next door pay the exact same fee if they have the exact same problem.


Cost is determined by level of complexity which is driven by 3 variables:

  • Recency: How recent was the story that needs to be removed from Google? More recent = harder = more effort = higher fee
  • Quantity: how many links need to be deleted? This is math. Price = Fee x number of links
  • Source: Where is the story coming from? New York Times? Or Joe Schmo’s Blog? Government, News Media websites = harder = more effort = higher fee

Cost starts at $3000 per link


We hear this all the time. Clients who have fallen prey to offers like that tell us later that they got scammed and wished they had used our service in the very beginning. Our price is non-negotiable. We will never hardsell our service to you or anyone. It is what it is. If you think having a good reputation is a good idea, then, we are here to help you. If not, that’s fine. We wish you well.


Work begins only after payment is received and funds verified by holding them for 2 weeks to prevent against wire fraud.


Yes! Only 1. Any category that is linked to endangering the welfare of minors.


We have a service called Forcefield – which floods google page 1 and 2 with favorable content, so that, if there is fake news or bad press in the future, it will land on Google page 3 or 4 and not Google page 1.


No problem. The service will need to run longer till we achieve the objective of flooding google page 1-4 with positive content and then, will need to continue to run to maintain that effect – just like if this were an SEO campaign.



Yes. We offer 10% revenue share on any referrals that convert. You get paid after we get paid. Revenue share is only on services delivered, it does not include advertising budget. So if the client pays us $2000 – where $1000 is the advertising budget for Facebook ads or Google ads, the 10% revenue share would only be on the $1000 management fee.


  • Firstly, there are only a few companies (maybe 5) that offer a deletion service like we do – not 1000s.
  • We make it Risk Free with a Money Back Guarantee.
  • 95% of the Reputation Management companies in the market talk about burying bad press, not deleting it from Google.
  • We have a Small Business focus and won the 2017 Minority Business of the Year Award in the company of ConEdison & MTA – (who won awards for D&I that night) – we a peer-reviewed and industry recognized for being a high integrity and innovative company – which may not be the case for other companies who claim to be offering this service.
  • Clients tell us our prices are very friendly and range between low cost and very affordable
  • We are always reachable by email, and, by text and phone call – depending on the level of service selected
  • We are MWBE Minority Certified with the City of New York
  • We work with Fortune 1000 companies and adhere to the highest standards of quality, innovation, professionalism & integrity
  • We believe in doing good in the world and support non-profits like Bright Now, UCT International (a United Nations NGO), National Minority Business Council, KidsRok, John & Vilma Pamila Robinson Education Fund, Uniondale Chamber of Commerce – to name a few.
  • We’re fun to work with and deliver results at the speed of thought