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Empathy and Mobile Friendly website boosted Doctor’s Revenue

Website Design Case Study

Service Category: Website Design

Client Industry: Healthcare, Health & Wellness 

Business Challenge: Client was unhappy with the experience with the last web development company due to high prices and subpar customer service and support. The company only offered email support which was also upsetting due to 48-hour response times. The Website had a dated look with several bugs on the website and links not working, pages not displaying correctly, etc. The website was built on Joomla which also made it hard to maintain since the Joomla CMS is very complex and has a steep learning curve even for the most experienced web developers – which made it impossible for the client or his staff to manage. 

Client Pain Points:

  • Security: Website Got Hacked a few times
  • No ROI: High recurring monthly charges with no monthly support & bad customer service
  • Service: No strategic support offered 
  • Complexity: Joomla CMS is difficult to use for novice users

Website Platform: WordPress, WooCommerce

Solution: After understanding the Business Need the rsquare media team quickly developed a wireframe and website mockup which the client quickly approved, after which we immediately started work and were able to deliver a completely redesigned website within a week of receiving approvals. Client was happy that we were reachable by phone, text and email – during the work day as well as after, even on weekends and holidays – with immediate response times. The new website was mobile friendly and could easily be used on iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Desktop, Laptop or any smart device. The client found the WordPress CMS a lot easier to learn and use. 

Results: Client’s practice received several walk-ins who were able to find the business on google maps and google, now that this website was mobile-friendly. The new website delivered a 25% increase in daily phone inquiries as well.

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