Product Launch Damage & Sony’s “Sonyverse”

INTRODUCTION TO THE SONYVERSE In 2016, Sony dared to ask the question “what if we made a Spider-Man universe without Spider-Man, and only with Spider-Man villains as anti-heroes?” every Marvel fan ever said “what’s the point in that?” The point is money and keeping the rights to making Spider-Man movies. Let’s delve into the product … Read more

Innovative Product Launch and “Deadpool’s” Marketing

MORE THAN JUST ANOTHER SUPERHERO When we think about superheroes, who is the first one that pops into our minds? Probably Superman, Spider-Man, Captain America, or other well-known superheroes. But, is there any other superhero that makes them unique? Deadpool is one. It was almost- and still is – inevitable not to see Deadpool’s appearance … Read more