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The Crucial Role of Reputation Management for Therapists

Therapist Meeting Client - Reputation Management Strategies

Add Your Heading Text Here Lenore Skenazy, co-founder of a nonprofit focused on childhood independence, believes there is an answer to the alarming rise in childhood mental health problems: Parents must let go to let them grow.  Skenazy has reason to be concerned. Because of the rising numbers of mental health issues in children, last October … Read more

Dr Who: The Timey Whimey Nature of Audio Drama Storytelling

INTRODUCTION TO AUDIO DRAMA DR WHO When Dr Who went on hiatus in 1989, it continued in other forms, comics, TV specials about the actors, books and audio dramas. The Wilderness Years, as the span of 1989-2005 is called, had an odd variety of mediums and Dr Who went into weird places. Some writers instantly … Read more

Dr Who: A Reflection on the 60th Anniversary Specials

Introducing Dr Who  On November 23rd, 1963, the BBC premiered a low budget sci-fi series titled “Doctor Who.” The show featured William Hartnell as Dr. Who, a time-traveling Time Lord who ventured through time and space in the company of his granddaughter, Susan, and her school teachers, Ian and Barbara. The actors would not be … Read more